About the Budget Gallery

the staff

Steve LambertSteve Lambert website

Steve Lambert founded the Budget Gallery in 1999. (It wouldn’t have gotten very far without the help of the people listed below.) He’s currently working on a new project, The Anti-Advertising Agency and creating a Budget Gallery how-to guide. At 9 years old he earned a white belt in Karate from the local community center.

Annie VoughtAnnie Vought

Annie Vought boxes dudes twice her size at a San Francisco boxing gym. She also ran the Boathouse Gallery for a short time. She is the kick in the ass the keeps the Budget Gallery in check.

Scott VermiereScott Vermiere

Scott currently studies Jujitsu. If you ever made a pass at his girlfriend, the doctor will be telling you about it the following day through a small hole in your body cast.

Cynthia YardleyCynthia (Burgess) Yardley website

Cynthia (Burgess) Yardley is best known for her mosiac like photo collages (see her website). She is also a great fan of the art of Ka-rĂ¡-te, and is completely self-taught in the discipline.

Michael KennyMichael Kenny website

Project Director

Michael Kenny (aka Gentle Dragon) is an accomplished photographer with a bachelor’s degree from the San Francisco Art Institute. For examples of his work, check out his site.

Paul SachelariPaul Sachelari website


Without Paul we would be writing to you from prison. Paul is a master of Kourtroom Kung Fu.

Julie WeingartenJulie Weingarten
Director of Budget Gallery Los Angeles

Julie Weingarten recently defected from San Francisco to Los Angeles, where she continues to shoot photos and study the gentle art of judo. Many say that her power is only matched by her grace.