July 2006

Jorge Restrepo’s Farmer’s Market Show

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We recieved an email a while back from an artist in Honduras, Jorge Restrepo. Restrepo had organized a showing of his paintings among the stands at the local Framer’s Market. We find the images inspiring, and hope they do the same for you.

Excerpt from critic Carlos A. Lanza:

“‘The Farmers’ Market’ is a great installation that has had the following objective: to take the museum to the marketplace. This work, with the artist’s deliberate intention, was sponsored by the Foundation for the Museum of the Honduran Man and the support of the Colombian Embassy; but I want to highlight the museum’s sponsorship because it forms part of the concept of the proposal. The artist showed the museum how something live, interactive and socially integrated presented the museum as a concept and not as a building. This concept was that of the museum as part of the social totality that is there, where the historic and esthetic exigencies are merged with the sensitivity of the collectivity. The Museum of the Honduran Man only becomes that if it goes out in search of the spaces where we Hondurans create our culture. The artist’s other objective was to take art out to the public spaces, to make us see that art is not only that object that is exhibited in the comfort of a gallery, but that is also experienced live, capable of colonizing all the corners of social life.”