About the Budget Gallery

get involved

How can you get involved in the Budget Gallery? It’s all here…

#1 – Start your own Budget Gallery

Go to DIY Budget Gallery and learn how to create your own Budget Gallery show.

#2 – Make a tax-deductable donation.

We’re very resourceful. $50-$100 can cover costs for an entire show. If you can afford to make a donation, we’d appreciate it and it can have a huge impact. To make a donation, email us at donate@nullbudgetgallery.org. We are an official, fiscally sponsored 501.3(c) non-profit organization. Your donation is completely tax deductable.

#3 – Sign up for our feeds:

– -Find out about upcoming shows
– -Recieve artist calls for entry to submit your work
– -Periodic updates and news on our gallery and artists

Our mailing list is inactive, so use our RSS feed.