Past Exhibitions

Start Where You Are

November 20th, 2004

Location: 18th and Mission Streets, San Francisco

We’re really excited for this show, having received lots of exceptional work by lots of exceptional artists. This show is in conjunction with “SHINE: A San Francisco Art Walk.” (Previously known as Crosswalks) There will be other galleries participatinng in the neighborhood for a Mission wide art-walk. Last year, this event was so well-received by the press that we got a write-up in the Guardian’s Best of the Bay (see below), so it’s not the show to miss. Come on down and see the magic that occurs when an overlooked corner of the city transforms into a beautiful display of art.



Window Signs 2004

Election Day 2004. Worldwide.

Anne M. Klint

Last minute on Election Day 2004 we asked artists to participate in a Budget Gallery exhibition in the front window of their homes. Artists made signs to communicate to the people who passed by their houses regarding the election




August 8th, 2004 5-7pm. Corner of Valencia and 2oth in San Francisco.

photo by Stephen Robert Barich

Artwork coming from all over the Bay
Area, the United States, Saudi Arabia, Italy, and beyond! Opening will
feature voter registration (our new motto – "Vote John Kerry …he’s
good enough.") and artmaking activities from the Anti-Advertising
. Come early, all work not sold by 7pm will be left on the
honor system.

Over 50 Artists Including:
Garth Amundson, Fred Alvarado, Steven Barich, Shawnee Barton, Anna Marie Benson,
Todd Berman, Jeff Bostic, Daniel C. Boyer, Adam Buck, Clark Buckner, Elizabeth
Burch, Clark Buckner, Cynthia (Burgess) Yardley, Reece Carter, Janice Rumbaugh-Coddington,
Ilana Crispi, Troy Dalsimer, Michael Dodge, Bill Dunlap, Jennifer Elia, Andrew
Eyman, Laura Floyd, Carey Groleau, Margaret L. Holmes, Jessica Iapino, David
Kessel, Matt Lambert, Patricia Lambert, Steve Lambert, Juliette Lagenour,
Mary V. Marsh, Nikolas C. Mohanna, Scott Newell, Tucker Nichols, Rob Nielson,
Nishimoto, Ilya Noe, Alese Osborn, Francesca Pastine, Andrea Reynor, David
Gremard Romero, Ben Seevers, Mimi Shaprio, Mike Stahlbrodt, Jordan Stein,
Fred Struckholz, Tease, Mr. Theodore, Adam Trowbridge, Julie Weingarten,
Adam Wier, Anne Wolfe, Laura Kealoha Yardley, and more.

The Budget Gallery crew showed up to
the site around 3pm with the whole routine more organized and prepared
than ever before. In fact we were so ahead of schedule we had time to
get some food and talk to friends. The Shell Gasoline Station on the
corner of Valencia and 20th had closed just a couple weeks ago and the
portable chainlink fence that surrounded it had been knocked over. A
combined effort had the fence righted like an Amish barn raising and
at around 4pm we started to hang the work on the fence.

Through the help of early gallery visitors
and some new friends we had the show hung right on schedule. A woman
who was selling clothing on a section of fence around the corner warned
that the day before someone had complained about her street sale and
the police made a visit. She wished us luck and said, "I don’t know
why they complain, this space should be used!"

Between 5 and 7pm many great conversations
were had, art was purchased, and so much more. For example, two women
who had never met before noticed they were wearing the same top and started
talking. For one, the fit was too small, for the other, too big. So they
traded the shirts on their backs. Several cab drivers stopped and bought
work. One wanted to host a solo show in his cab. Passers-by worked on
posters for the
Anti-Advertising Agency
, voters were registered, friends were made.

At one point the police did come because
someone had complained the sidewalk was too crowded and people were hanging
out in the street. The officers were friendly and expressed regret, even
saying, "I don’t know why someone would complain about this." I
asked if I should ask people to keep the sidewalk clear and encourage
them to stand on the sidewalk instead of the street. "Sure, that’s
fine I guess. You know, I just have to tell you that we got a complaint." He
emphasized that he "had to".

Most of the work sold before 7pm and,
when we went back to check on things around 10pm, everything had found
a new home except for one photo, some voter registration forms we left
clipped to the fence, and the labels we created for the work. "Success!" was
one of our most highly attended shows. A big thank you to all our artists
and everyone who came out to the show!

on on behalf of the entire Budget Gallery.



Mission 17 Show

##April 23rd, 2004 7-10p##
Mission 17

San Francisco’s Mission 17 Gallery has
selected artists from the Budget Gallery for an exhibition in the Mission
17 gallery. They have chosen new work from: Cynthia
, Adam
, Steve
, Jetro Martinez, Tucker
, and Annie Vought.

Mission 17 Gallery at the Blue Studio
2111 Mission at 17th St in San Francisco

Opens April 23rd 7-10p
Open all day 10a-6p on Sat 4/24 and Sun 4/25
Gallery Hours: Tues 3-6p, Sat 2-5p, Sun 2-5p or by appointment
Closes May 2nd


The Winners’ Circle

##April 1st, 5pm##

The Winners' Circle

It’s time for a Budget Gallery Showcase! Our (apparently) annual juried
show featuring the work of 6 hand selected artists. Set aside Thursday,
April 1st on your calandars. Get ready to rush from work over to the downtown
SF art galleries for First Thursday. The other galleries will provide the
free wine while we stake out the sidewalk. Sign up on our mailing list
for an email reminder.


Sara Dierck
Dale Dreiling
Mr. Theodore
Annie Vought
Eve Mosher
Eloise Harold
Michael Kenny

Curated by Cynthia (Burgess) Yardley and Annie Vought