Past Exhibitions

The Armory Show

##Saturday Novemver 8th 2003, 4-7 PM##

crosswalks postcard

A collaboration with POND

This show has become known as the U-Haul truck show. The worst rainstorm of the year happened through during our art show, so being resourceful as we are, we found a way.

This show is part of Crosswalks, a 12 venue Mission art walk. There will be openings at galleries and spaces between 14th and 18th streets and Mission and Guerrero.

This exhibition’s namesake originates from the first Armory Show
in New York, 1913. Considered one of the most influential events shaping
the history of ‘legitimate’ American art history, the original
Armory exhibition showcased over 1500 works of European and American ‘avant-garde’ artists
whose work was previously refused through official art channels. Despite
the general audience’s responses of outrage at some of the more
boundary-pushing artwork such as Marcel Duchamp’s ‘Nude Descending
a Staircase,’ many of the featured artists (Picasso, Cezanne, Georges
Braque, Duffy, Degas, Ingres, Delacroix, Manet, Lautrec, and Duchamp)
were later considered the 20th century’s most significant artists.

While the original Armory Show was considered an edgy maneuver and
avant-garde for its time, this November’s Armory Show goes further
by reaching working people and its site specific relevance to its surrounding
community in the Mission district. In the past 5 years, San Francisco’s
Mission district has experienced an especially acute housing shortage
attributed to the influx of Silicon Valley dotcommers and the mayor Willie
Brown’s closing of several homeless shelters. Despite the displacement
of Latino families, homeless individuals, and artists, the San Francisco
armory reportedly has 22 fully equipped living quarters built for officers
and an additional abundance of space. Located in the heart of the city’s
struggle against gentrification, the armory thus symbolizes a cultural
excess and cruel irony. Taking artistic control of a section of the Armory
for 3 hours symbolically reclaims the city by its vibrant artistic community
who has been fractured by displacement.



“Home and Garden” Show

##Opens Friday October 3rd, 2003 from 6 to 8 pm.##

In conjunction with DSLR West – a space and land reclamation project
Valencia at Duboce Street in front of a burned out Friend’s Café.



Stencils: The Art of Negative Spaces

##Opens August 21st, 2003##

Stencils Art of Negative Spaces

co-presented with

the Crucible Steel Gallery
2050 Bryant St., the Mission District, (between 18th and 19th Streets) San Francisco.

Check out a review of the show – includes some pictures.

Panel Discussion: August 21st 6-7pm
DIY Stencil-crafting Table
DIY Put-up wall
Scott Williams stencilled VW Bug
Scott Williams video

A.Fire.Inside, UK; Elisabeth Alexander, CA; anonymous, WA; Joy Baer, KS;
Christopher Bettig, CA; Scott Blake, CA; Boom, England; Daniel C. Boyer,
MI; Box, TX;Victor M. Da Silva Jr., MA; Jane Doe, CA; dumbeast, CA; ECCE,
Australia; eyeformation, MA; John A., Gascon (JAG), WA; Brendan Gavin,
PA; Alice Gould, CA; Sarah Hauser, NY; John Hogan, NY; Bo Hughins, AL;
Hyst, Australia; Isa, VA; jr advertising league, CA; Michael Kenny, CA;
Klutch, OR ; Steve Lambert, CA; Holly LaRochelle (Ministry of Art Collective),
MN; Mack, CA; Mahoney, England; Mary V. Marsh, CA; Josh Macphee, IL;
Sarah McElroy, NV; Jarred McGinnis, UK; Justine McGonagle, CA; Claude
Moller, CA; Nadine Nakanishi, Switzerland; Ob1, SF; Priscilla Otani,
CA; Bob Patterson, CA; Cody George Pfau, CA; Pickrodt, GA; Luke Rollins,
IN; Ally Reeves, TN; Amy Rice (Ministry of Art Collective), MN; rlh,
NJ; Matthew Rose, France; RSL, CA; SCOUT, NY; Ash Shahparnia (DA!), CA;
Shaun Slifer, TN; Paul Speh, NY; Chris Stain, NY; Sunshine Stencil Posse,
CA; task, England; V2, NY; Wheel, NY; Jessica White, CA; Scott Williams,
CA; Marie-Therese Wisniowski, Australia; withremote, MN; James Wodarek,


The Great Debate Show

##Sunday June 1st, 2003##

Budget Gallery Great Debate Show

Where: Intersection of Mission and Valencia Streets in San Francisco.

Looking back I remember this as one of our best shows. It was a great location, that’s now all but gone, a huge turn out, and a hell of a time.

See artists bios, sample work and more on our artist page…
Over 50 Artists included: Anonymous, The San Francisco Print Collective, Kalim Armstrong, Patricia Ashley, Steven Robert Barich, Chris Bassett, Todd Berman, Cynthia Burgess, Jonathan Marc Burstein, Aaron Cardella, Catherine G., Jessica D’Elena, Sara Dierck, Jo Ernsten, Justin Farmer, Wendy Fong, Lexie Giarraputo, Michael Kenny, Cynthia Klock, Jaime Colin Knight, Krouse, Sherry Koyama, Steve Lambert, Eugene Lee, Sean MacDonald (DSM), Mary V. Marsh, Nate Martin, Presley Martin, Jetro Martinez, Justine McGonagle, Egnekn Montgomery, Eve S. Mosher, Nicole Mournian, Daniel Nachtrab, Jeanette Nyberg, Kelly Ording, Patrick Piazza, Jos Pollard, Rob Prideaux, Albert Reyes, Jennifer Ryan, Mark Santa Ana, Ben Seevers, Mike Stahlbrodt, Eva Strohmeier, Jackie Summel, Calvin Trillin, Scott Vermiere, Annie Vought, Peter Vought, Jessica White, and Tamara Wyndham.



Budget Gallery Showcase – 03/03/03


Artists: Kalim Armstrong, Cynthia Yardley, Sarah Davis, Adam Connelly, Michael Kenny, Steve Lambert, Brian Long, Richard Miller, Elisabeth Oppenheimer, Mason St. Peter.



Kitchen Sink Party

##February 2003##

Collaboration with [Kitchen Sink Magazine](

Party for KS magazine’s “Regret” issue
Artists: Francesca Pastine, Jacquelyn Summel, Dale Dreiling, [Cynthia Yardley](, and Annie Vought