Past Exhibitions

Or Best Offer

##Sunday, October 6th, 2002, 5:00 pm – 7:00pm##
Where: Sidewalk outside of Project Artaud/Southern Exposure
17th St. block between Alabama and Florida. San Francisco, CA
Cost: Absolutely free (it’s on the sidewalk).

##The Details:##
The Budget Gallery organizes on-the-cheap, professional, gallery style art shows in the unused public spaces found in urban areas. From empty walls to boarded up buildings, the Budget Gallery uses any space that is available and highly visible during the day. Now we’ve found a white wall and we’re setting up shop.

Project Artaud/Southern Exposure has graciously provided their block long North wall for our latest show. Work will be sold at the opening, so arrive early for best viewing. The rest of the work will remain until friday to be sold on the honor system. Work is bargain priced to sell to the general public and most pieces are well under $100. We’ve received work from around the world under the condition that “all work will either be purchased, stolen, or vandalized”. Work ranges from photography, prints, drawings, paintings, books, and more.

Some of the artists included in the show will be: Richard Miller, Rigo 02, Shephard Fairy, NoMe, Elisabeth Oppenheimer, Francesca Pastine, Kalim Armstrong, Adam Connelly, Dale Dreiling, Steve Lambert, Cynthia (Burgess) Yardley, Arthur Huang, Michael Kenny, Mason St. Peter, Dan Spencer, Scott Vermiere, Julie Weingarten, John Rolston, and Hadly Northrop.



Wild Posting

##Opening Gala Sunday August 25, 2002, 6pm to 8pm##
Mission Street between 21st and 22nd Streets. Arrive early for best viewing.
##About Wild Posting##
The Budget Gallery’s “Wild Posting” show was the first organized effort to show and sell art on pre-existing temporary walls surrounding construction sites/abandoned buildings in San Francisco.

“Wild Posting” is an advertising term for poster sized advertisements that cover entire walls, plywood walkways, boarded-up windows, and temporary plywood walls — any space that is available and highly visible during the day. (In other words, great places for murals and other art.) Advertisers get away with what might otherwise be called “graffiti” or “vandalism,” because many cities do not have strict laws against such advertising. The goal of the Budget Gallery’s Wild Posting show was to demonstrate other possibilities for this space and promote art and art making. Through this, we hope art is seen by an audience who wouldn’t ordinarily view it in a conventional gallery or art space.

##Viewing the Show##

The Wild Posting Show opened on Mission Street between 21st and 22nd on Sunday August 25th, 2002. The art was shown in front of 2 abandoned buildings. One, an out of buisness movie theater called Cine Latino, the other a neighboring boarded-up store front.

Much of the work was sold at the opening, the rest stayed the night on Mission St. Viewers were instructed to remove the work and contact regarding payment, so far no contact was made regarding the remaining work. Viewers were instructed to arrive early because work was removed when sold. Sale prices ranged from free, to one dollar, to $100 dollars. All sales were based on the honor system.


Over 30 artists from around the world participated in the show. A complete list is below. Some samples of artists work is shown on our Wild Posting artists page.

Wild Posting Artists:
Garth Amundson, Kalim Armstrong, Claire Baker, Dale Dreiling, Anna Marie Benson, Cynthia (Burgess) Yardley, Rick Camire, Adam Connelly, Jessica D’Elena, Amy Jo Diaz, Sam Diephius, Sara Dierck, em!ly, Pierre Gour, Arthur Huang, Gina Kalabishis, Michael Kenny, Krouse, Steven Lambert, Mark Landes, Kent Manske, Richard Miller, Liz Oppenheimer, Francesca Pastine, Ben Prince, Rigo 02, Rodni, Dan Spencer, Jacquelyn Summel, Mason St. Peter, Jennifer Ryan, Scott Vermeire, and Nanette Wylde.

If you are an artist looking to submit your work, we are currently organizing other shows. Please send a letter of interest to