October 2002

Gregory Dicum

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San Francisco, CA


– Unagi to Kame
– Latex on Canvas
– 60″ x 84″

Artist Statement: Based on the ukiyo-e work of Katsushika Hokusai, the wriggly chaos characterizing the wave-tossed lives of the eel (unagi) and turtle (kame) becomes, at this scale, a frenetic sexual dance. The bewildered participants, alternately ecstatic and terrified, are a comical yet poignant reminder of our own bewilderment before the forces of nature and time.

Bio: Gregory Dicum is an explorer whose affinity for the questions of existence, paint, and spectacle combine to generate audacious conceptual works that rarely see the light of day. Works like this: http://www.reason8.com/blackbox/

Asking Price: $120