April 2004

Annie Vought

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San Francisco, Ca


Our lives are controlled by by billions of elephants in the room. To name few: Germs, pollen, parasites, love, god, fear, seeds, neutrinos, atoms, neutrons, carbon-dioxide, hydrogen, space, the universe, gravity. and on and on. Without just one of these things, our lives would be profoundly different, if not nonexistent. For the majority of us these things are intangible, We read about some of them in science magazines, we experience many of them first hand, by getting sick, and falling or love. Others we never we never think about. I paint what I imagine all those things to look like. I paint the parasites that cause rats to loose their fear of cats, I paint the dust that travels from africa to california, i paint cancer, and I paint the visceral experience of painting. In the end we explain to ourselves all that we can’t see. Some choose science, others religion or politics, art, or all of the above, I am explaing what I imagine to be true visually, because isn’t that what painters have always done?