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Dale Dreiling

Artist: Dale Dreiling
Location: Seattle, WA
Title: Pretty Things Pt. 21

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Series Description: Dale Dreiling is a mixed media artist. He has shown in San Francisco, San Diego, Oakland, Los Angeles, and New York City. He currently lives in Seattle.

Dale Dreiling

Artist: Maria Bonn
Title: Separation Between...

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Series Description: Maybe one day the creative process will be available in pill form- by prescription of course.

Dale Dreiling

Artist: Vanessa Shinmoto
Location: Chicago, IL
Title: I Don't Wanna Remember

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Series Description: "These are digital prints of original crayon drawings. I did the drawings with my non-dominant hand to explore my sub-concious reaction to cynical sttements on each drwing."

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May 22, 2005


After many hours, many glitches, coffee, soda, and booze- our new website is up-and-a-runnin’. No reason to dance the jig just yet… we are working “behind the screen” to clean things up a bit and keep the content fresh and organized. Overall, it’s a go.

We do hope you enjoy the fresh new look and content. Not unlike the Budget Gallery itself, this is to be a community website. We welcome all your opinions, your visions, and your participation. Please register with us and take advantage of the comment section. Also, submit all related stories and news to us. If you encounter any glitches, please use the contact link to contact the webmaster (yours truely) so he can fix it up.

Thanks for viewing, and mucho thanks for your support.

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