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Dale Dreiling

Artist: Dale Dreiling
Location: Seattle, WA
Title: Pretty Things Pt. 21

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Series Description: Dale Dreiling is a mixed media artist. He has shown in San Francisco, San Diego, Oakland, Los Angeles, and New York City. He currently lives in Seattle.

Dale Dreiling

Artist: Maria Bonn
Title: Separation Between...

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Series Description: Maybe one day the creative process will be available in pill form- by prescription of course.

Dale Dreiling

Artist: Vanessa Shinmoto
Location: Chicago, IL
Title: I Don't Wanna Remember

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Series Description: "These are digital prints of original crayon drawings. I did the drawings with my non-dominant hand to explore my sub-concious reaction to cynical sttements on each drwing."

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May 13, 2005

Never Odd or Even Show a Success!

Well, our first opening went over quite well! Perfect weather, quick and easy set up (although there were some nervous moments when cops parked at the 7-eleven across the street for a donut break). The turnout was good, especially for a Tuesday… and it helped that we were right next to a bus stop and had rotating captive audiences.

We sold several pieces and wish to thank all artists who contributed! After the show, Amyjo spied lots of people walking by and perusing the artwork. One couple shopped around before deciding on a piece to take. I’m so curious to see if Los Angeles people do the honorable thing and pay for the work they take home. I love that part, it’s a really fascinating social experiment… and my favorite aspect of the organization.

We stopped back at the location about 2 and a half hours after the opening. A couple of pieces were taken, but most of the show was still in tact. Mark reported that the site was empty by mid-afternoon… hopefully the remaining pieces found good homes!

Thanks again to everyone who contributed, helped, and visited the show; without all of you there would be no Budget Gallery!

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