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Dale Dreiling

Artist: Michael Dodge
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Title: Slight Interruption: Pessimistic Outlook on Humanity or Hangin with Dad

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Series Description: "Last Journal Entry: 15 April 2005 -Having a false sense of pride based out of embarrassment. Capitalism's social necessity for networking. Is it capitalism?"

Dale Dreiling

Artist: Caleb Larsen
Location: Seattle, WA
Title: Be Careful There is a lot at Stake Here

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Series Description: "Presently I live in Seattle."

Dale Dreiling

Artist: Lex Loeb
Location: Portland, OR
Title: CAT

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Series Description: "Portland, Oregon artist Lex Loeb works with recycled material and produces budget art."

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May 13, 2005


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Never Odd or Even

Please join us for the opening reception of the first L.A. based Budget Gallery show!

Never Odd or Even opens May 10th 2005 from 5 until 8pm on Sunset Boulevard & Rosemont Avenue in Echo Park.

Never Odd or Even Poster

We’ll be exhibiting over fifty pieces created by more than twenty different artists, including Jana Flynn, Caleb Larsen, Dale Dreiling, Jessica Iapino, Christopher Vena, and many more talented folks.

We’ve received these paintings, drawings, and mixed media works from all over the United States and many from Europe as well. Trust me, this is a very diverse group of work!

To get a sneak preview of the show, please check back at the site often, as we’ll be updating the Artists page shortly. To automatically receive an email when it’s ready, please add yourself to our mailing list, by sending email to: Just respond to the confirmation you receive and you’re in!

We hope to see you and your friends at the opening- please come on over say “hi”, check out some art, and take some home for a very reasonable price!