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Dale Dreiling

Artist: Michael Dodge
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Title: Slight Interruption: Pessimistic Outlook on Humanity or Hangin with Dad

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Series Description: "Last Journal Entry: 15 April 2005 -Having a false sense of pride based out of embarrassment. Capitalism's social necessity for networking. Is it capitalism?"

Dale Dreiling

Artist: Caleb Larsen
Location: Seattle, WA
Title: Be Careful There is a lot at Stake Here

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Series Description: "Presently I live in Seattle."

Dale Dreiling

Artist: Lex Loeb
Location: Portland, OR
Title: CAT

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Series Description: "Portland, Oregon artist Lex Loeb works with recycled material and produces budget art."

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May 4, 2005

Budget Gallery Opens Los Angeles Branch

Los Angeles to Be First Budget Gallery Outside Bay Area

The Budget Gallery has expanded and formed Budget Gallery Los Angeles. The concept remains, only the locations will change! Please help to beautify Los Angeles by submitting work and/ or attending our shows.more »