The Staff
Julie Weingarten

Julie Weingarten
Director - Budget Gallery - Los Angeles Office

Julie Weingarten recently defected from San Francisco to Los Angeles, where she continues to shoot photos and study the gentle art of judo. Many say that her power is matched only by her grace.

Mark A. Hernandez

Mark A. Hernandez
Location Scout Budget Gallery Los Angeles

Mark cut a deep path across the country while on his way to Los Angeles from Washington DC. He is a master of the east and the west. He hopes one day to bring down the middle (i.e. texas).

Christian Spruell

Chr. Spr.
Crossing Guard - Budget Gallery- Los Angeles

If you can spill it he can spell it, but let it be known, if your intentions are good, or at least not boring, Christian Spruell is on your side.

Alex Asselin

Alex Asselin
Staff Member

Alex moved from DC to LA last year. She loves it in LA where she edits film and video while working in a bar evenings to pay the bills. Her mission, and she has chosen to accept it, is to bring film and the arts to the next level.

Christopher Pawloski

Christopher Pawl
Web magician

Real last name, Pawloski, but polish names have no flair. Chris is an East Coaster dabbling in any creative outlet that will have him. He use to be a wanna-be rock star but now he is a fresh webbyhead in attempt to pay off all the guitar loans and hipster haircut bills. He is west coast dreamin' but his vampire heritage thus far has prevented him from the final move.

Steve Lambert

Steve Lambert

Steve Lambert founded the Budget Gallery in 1999. (It wouldn't have gotten very far without the help of the people listed below.) He's currently working on starting a new project, The Anti-Advertising Agency and creating a Budget Gallery how-to guide. At 9 years old he earned a white belt in Karate from the local community center.

Get Involved

How can you get involved in the Budget Gallery?

#1 - Sign up on our mailing list:

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send an email to and you will shortly receive a confirmation email. REMEMBER to respond to the confirmation email! You'll receive, at most 2-3 mailings a month. Sometimes less. We would never release your email address to anyone else and you can always unsubscribe yourself by sending an email to: la-list-unsubscribe@budget

#2 - Make a donation:

We're very resourceful. $50-$100 can cover costs for an entire show. If you can afford to make a donation, we'd appreciate it and it can have a huge impact. To make a donation, email us at

#3 - Start your own Budget Gallery

We're working on a how-to book so anyone can start a Budget Gallery in their town. Interested? Let us know and we'll contact you as soon as it's ready -

What We Do

The Budget Gallery is not in a specific place. We don’t have a building, so we’re beyond low-rent. We don’t even pay rent. We set up our gallery in co-opted public spaces like vacant walls and fences. The shows are carefully co-ordinated, prepared, and publicized. The pieces are displayed much like a traditional gallery. We paint walls white, install art works and labels. We announce openings that are attended by hundreds. Refreshments are served and one can often hear jazz playing in the background. Of course, this is no traditional gallery – it’s all taking place on the sidewalk. In the end it’s a blend of all the greatest things about attending an art show, a garage sale, and a block party rolled into one.

Budget Gallery Los Angeles is the first extension of the first Budget Gallery which began in San Francisco.

This article by Emily Landes is a great introduction to the Budget Gallery.

Our Mission

The Budget Gallery aims to provide fine art at affordable prices to unsuspecting customers. We do this through presenting gallery style exhibitions in outdoor spaces – generally on vacant walls, chain link fences, and sides of abandoned buildings – in high traffic areas.

The Budget Gallery strongly believes that art has a prominent place in the world, that art is beneficial to everyone, and that art is under-represented in the public.  The Budget Gallery’s shows bring art into public spaces that need diverse messages expressing emotion and depicting issues that represent the depth and breadth of humanity.

Staff Photo

(The San Fransico crew)